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Podcast: LeBron James is sick of dumb questions

LeBron James has already made it to the point of obvious frustration when reporters ask repetitive questions about his commitment to signing with the Lakers.

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Los Angeles Lakers Practice Session Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

We’re in day two of LeBron James participating in official Los Angeles Lakers events, and he might already be sick of dealing with the media out here. I take that back: Actually, based on some of his reactions, LeBron is definitely already sick of dealing with some of the questions he’s received.

James is extremely clear in the kinds of questions he prefers to answer. To discuss this, I brought Pete down from the residence he’s taken in the clouds somewhere. Pete was at both media day and the Lakers’ first official practice over the last two days, so we started the discussion with some issue we’ve taken with a few questions asked thus far.

The very concept of LeBron needing to earn any kind of respect in Los Angeles is asinine, and the response James gave was way nicer than any we might’ve given under the same circumstances.

What I keep coming back to is this: James is heading into his 16th season and has almost never slipped up in a major way during a press conference, interview, scrum or just about anything else. I just want to know what makes random reporter No. 147 think they’re going to ask the question that trips him up. But hey! Keep trying! More stuff for me to laugh at.

Our next topic is the entire dynamic between Lonzo Ball and Rajon Rondo. It’s interesting how many people just completely lost track of how depth charts work. Lonzo is hurt with all kinds of questions swirling around his potential return date. Of course Rondo is slated to start right now. That’s how this all works.

We finished the show by talking about the differences about the culture of the team now that LeBron is on the roster. He’s already making his impact in very noticeable ways.

As always, this is just a tidbit of the full context given in the show. Listen to the full discussion below and please check out old episodes, or guarantee you won’t miss any ever again by subscribing on iTunes.

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