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Get hyped for training camp next week with this LeBron James x Black Panther mash-up

We only have a few days left before the Lakers start training camp, and LeBron James begins his purple and gold journey.

Image via LD2K

“Black Panther” is — in this writer’s opinion — one of the best superhero movies of all time, and certainly one of Marvel’s top cinematic offerings. It also had one of the coolest debut trailers in recent memory; a slick edit full of quick cuts to various action scenes with the always hype-inducing Run the Jewels soundtracking the background.

What do you get when you mix that with some cinematically edited clips of LeBron James to get the buzz going for his debut season with the Los Angeles Lakers? Chris Manning — aka @LD2K — set out to find out, and the result was as good as you’d expect from the master of Lakers mixes:

The video was even good enough to get the approval of Run the Jewels themselves:

With the start of training camp just a week away, what this video really reinforces is just how much more dope content there is going to be to consume about the Lakers now that they have their first relevant team in half a decade. Sure, it’s been fun looking for positives in the losses at times over the last few years, but somehow hype videos for Jodie Meeks aren’t quite the same as getting to watch the best player on the planet pound his chest as he wrecks overmatched opponents.

For the last several years, the Lakers’ regular season has been like a trailer for a movie you know is going to be bad: Sure, it had some amusing moments in the preview, but it’s easy to pick out enough positives to make a compelling trailer for just about any film. This year, the Lakers’ season is going to be more like a blockbuster movie trailer, with fans picking over every frame for some grander meaning for the featured playoff run to come.

If the above video isn’t enough to get you excited, that idea should at least pump you up.

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