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Isaiah Thomas says Lonzo Ball has ‘a bright future’

Isaiah Thomas remains impressed by what he saw from Lonzo Ball while the two were teammates on the Lakers.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The brief time Isaiah Thomas spent with the Los Angeles Lakers was certainly interesting. Despite how frustrating his entire season and ordeal after the trade out of Boston was, and injuries that probably cost him millions of potential income, Thomas seemed to be a good teammate and said the right thing just about whenever given the chance.

He’s continued to do so since leaving the Lakers. Even while immersed in an ice bath.

Thomas went on Lionsgate’s Laugh Out Loud Network and OBB Pictures’ series “Cold as Balls,” (which has been a really fun just about throughout, by the way) where host Kevin Hart briefly asked about his time in L.A., and what he thought of Lonzo Ball.

Once again, Thomas was complimentary of one of his now ex-teammates.

“Lonzo has a bright future. And the dope thing about him, he’s a humble kid.”

This is the point that all too often gets lost in all of LaVar Ball’s antics. Lonzo is legitimately one of the nicer and more mature young players the NBA has to offer right now. Thomas is by no means the first nor will he be the last to point this out, but for some reason, people keep ignoring the various players and coaches who have made this observation.

Hart also asked Thomas about LaVar, questioning how he could lead the Lakers while being with his two other sons overseas in Lithuania, to which Thomas deadpanned “he Facetimed us.”

The whole exchange was right around the 10-minute mark:

So there you have it, everyone. Somehow, Luke Walton completely lost control of the locker room to the point where a player’s dad was coaching despite being thousands of miles away by simply using technology just about everyone has at their disposal.

We should point out for those who didn’t watch the video that Thomas was very clearly being facetious about LaVar coaching the team. The very idea that this disclaimer might have to exist highlights how ridiculous the conversation became at points of the season, as well as how nice it would be if that entire dynamic (involving LaVar) was left in 2017-18.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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