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LeBron James is getting photographed rocking Lakers gear and the internet is going crazy

It’s finally starting to feel real: LeBron James is on the Lakers now.

2018 NBA Summer League - Las Vegas - Detroit Pistons v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The days of photoshopping LeBron James into Los Angeles Lakers jerseys are a thing of the past. He’s in UCLA Health Training Center, in purple and gold working out with his new teammates, and YOU GUYS WHERE DID ALL THIS DUST COME FROM?

Wednesday afternoon, James also offered up the first look at him in the Lakers’ “gold” jerseys (I’m using quotes because those things are yellow. You had one job, Nike) and offered up one of the best responses to the trolling of Lakers fans that you’ll find.

As you’d hopefully expect by now, the internet did not disappoint in its responses to these images. The internet is, as you know, undefeated.

We grabbed the highlights of these responses as we saw them, starting with the Lakers’ official account firing off these gems.

The fun begins... #HireGrant

Ingram’s face as he watches the greatest ever at his position (if not outright) pretty much says it. This is unreal. Pinch me.

It’s pretty cool to have the same arms as an NBA player, to be completely and 100 percent honest. Really though, if my arms looked like that I would never wear sleeves. Church, funerals, date nights, corporate meetings, or any other setting, you’re seeing these cannons.

Exactly, Brandon. Exactly.

Isaiah Thomas has been a Denver Nugget for going on a month and still can’t help but get roasted in Los Angeles.

Speaking of roasting, it’s started. Josh Hart just couldn’t help himself, but hey, LeBron is a Laker now so have your fun, Josh.

[Cut to three months from now]

Josh Hart has been traded to the ....

Shoot for the stars and you might land on the moon, Brandon.

As mentioned earlier, LeBron’s Insta story Wednesday afternoon offered up some internet gold, too.

Never trust Lakers fans with content that can be used to troll others. We know no other way.

That was fun. And man, I can’t believe LeBron is actually a Laker. Crazy.

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