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Podcast: Can Svi Mykhailiuk be the next Kyle Kuzma?

The Lakers have done an incredible job at finding talent later in the draft. Can they replicate that success with another Kyle Kuzma?

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2018 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It’s Monday, which means we are taking a slight break from the series of individual player previews we’ve used to get us through August to open up the iTunes mailbag and answer questions from you. Once again, you guys outdid yourselves with some really fun questions.

We start with a question about Luol Deng and whether it might make sense to swap him with another victim of Tom Thibodeau’s insanity, Joakim Noah. Basically, I could maybe see it if this was just NBA 2K and we didn’t have to consider chemistry as much, but seeing as that isn’t the case, Noah just doesn’t make much sense.

This doesn’t even have anything to do with Noah and LeBron going at it over the years, either. It’s more about the damage Noah being inevitably frustrated with the role he would play not just on the Lakers, but anywhere, really moving on for the rest of his career.

The next question is about the success the Lakers have had later in recent drafts and whether they might have struck gold again in Svi Mykhailiuk. Before that, though, we also talk about the effect this success might have on the organization’s ability to keep its scouting team together and how they’d handle potential departures.

We dive into the history of the NBA with a few other questions today, starting with the conversation about greatest Laker ever and how that compares to the lack of a conversation with other NBA franchises. Basically, we’re spoiled.

I also answer a question about all time duos, players on this Lakers team who’ll make me go “what the hell?”, and plenty more.

As always, this is just a tidbit of the full context given in the show. Listen to the full discussion below and please check out old episodes or guarantee you won’t miss any ever again by subscribing on iTunes.

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