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Kobe Bryant thinks Lonzo Ball will learn from Rajon Rondo

Lonzo Ball has a ton in common with Rajon Rondo, and Kobe Bryant thinks that relationship can really help the Lakers.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Say what you will about Rajon Rondo making exactly what Julius Randle will be making next year (yes, I’m in my feelings still about losing Randle), but Rondo does make a ton of sense for the Lakers.

We’ll get to the basketball fit in a bit, but in terms of mentorship dynamics go, bringing in Rondo to help Lonzo Ball could be a perfect idea. Kobe Bryant seems to agree, based on what he said to Rich Eisen during an interview on “The Rich Eisen Show.”

“I think there is a lot to be learned from. Rondo is a student of the game. How he studies the game, I think that’s something that Lonzo can learn from. Rondo will sit there and watch film for hours and hours and hours, and dissect and pick things apart to the smallest of details, and I think it’s important for Lonzo to see that.

“Also, how he facilitates the game, how he reads things happening before they actually happen. How he can manipulate the defense to make things happen. And also defensively, he gets after it. So I think it’s great.”

Think of it this way: Rondo is a longer point guard who relies heavily on instincts to affect the game on both sides of the ball despite shooting issues. Sound familiar?

Kobe is one of the game’s absolute best students, so it makes sense that he would look forward to Lonzo essentially learning how to pick apart the game from Rondo, widely considered one of the smartest players currently playing.

If Rondo is able to impart some of the tricks he’s used as a means to have an impact despite his own shooting woes, his value would extend well beyond not being Tyler Ennis what he brings as a veteran presence off the bench.

Plus, if Lonzo’s injury woes continue, Rondo could be called upon to produce for a playoff team. Hopefully, though, Lonzo stays healthy and Rondo’s impact to the franchise comes in the form of mentorship.

Can training camp just get here already?

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