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LaVar Ball says Kobe Bryant doesn’t like Lonzo Ball because his favorite player is LeBron James

LaVar Ball might really have cracked the code that is Kobe Bryant. Note: He most definitely did not crack the code that is Kobe Bryant.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images

When pictures surfaced of Kobe Bryant working with Jayson Tatum, way too many quite a few fans of the Los Angeles Lakers were wondering why it was Bryant was working with a Celtic and yet no pictures have been made public of him working with any of the Lakers’ young core.

LaVar Ball has a theory as it pertains to Lonzo Ball and, boy, is it a doozy. According to LaVar, Kobe hasn’t shown much interest in Lonzo because the latter’s favorite player of all time is LeBron James.

Go ahead. Repeat that sentence to yourself. But first, here’s how LaVar puts it, via Andrew Joseph of For The Win.

“How many times does a player get to play with his favorite player? Probably never. Yes. That’s why Kobe don’t like him that much. Because he said, ‘I like LeBron.’

“LeBron’s always been his guy though.”

Let’s be absolutely, 100,000 percent clear, here, in case some might not consider this context... In no way shape or form does LaVar Ball speak for Kobe Bryant. We good on that? Good.

Joseph’s article postures that Bryant doesn’t like Lonzo, which is quite the stretch. Literally the only thing that might lead one to that conclusion was Bryant asking why the Lakers didn’t draft Tatum over Lonzo. But even then, Tatum was being described as another Kobe. So Kobe wasn’t necessarily criticizing the Lakers for taking Lonzo so much as he was criticizing the Lakers for not taking another Kobe.

Here’s the thing though: Who gives a [bleep]?

We have almost zero indication Kobe doesn’t like Lonzo but even if he didn’t, that’d be perfectly okay! It changes literally nothing!

And Lonzo liking LeBron’s game over Kobe’s is also okay! James has exponentially more in common with Ball in terms of the way the two think about basketball. There is almost nothing in common between the way Lonzo approaches the game and how Kobe used to play other than the fact the two play the same sport.

It’s reached a point where it’d be nice for Kobe to work with one of the young Lakers just to shut all this madness up. Until then (or until Lonzo actually stands up to his dad), I guess we just have to wonder how Kobe feels about Svi Mykhailiuk, or something like that.

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