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Kyle Kuzma donates 300 backpacks, school supplies at free basketball camp in Flint

Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma gave back to his hometown of Flint, Michigan at his first-ever basketball camp.

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Kyle Kuzma hosted kids from his hometown of Flint, Michigan for the first-ever Kyle Kuzma Basketball Camp Wednesday at Powers Catholic High School.

While most basketball camps hosted by NBA players charge a sizable fee for entry, and are sometimes exclusive to players that are invited, Kuzma’s camp was free of charge. Since entering the league, Kuzma has made it a point to make everything tied to his brand affordable, from his Kuzmania shirts, which go for $27 a pop as a nod to Kuzma being the No. 27 pick in the draft, to this basketball camp.

He has even advocated for other players around the league to make their merchandise affordable.

On Wednesday, Kuzma practiced what he preached and donated 300 backpacks and school supplies to the kids in attendance at his camp. Jeanna Trotman of NBC 25/Fox 66 in Flint shared videos of Kuzma handing out the bags and gave an inside look at what was inside them.

Kuzma’s trainer, Clint Parks, also shared a video from the camp:

This isn’t the first time Kuzma has given back to the children of Flint.

This past Christmas, Kuzma threw a party for the kids that are part of the ”Safe Places Program” at the YCMA of Greater Flint, where he grew up playing basketball with his friends. At the party, he gave away backpacks, headphones and other goodies. He also made a large equipment donation to the YCMA to cover any needs the facility had.

Just a year into his career, Kuzma has made it clear he doesn’t plan on forgetting about where he came from. In fact, the 23-year-old told the Los Angeles Daily News in March that he wants to give back to his community in a way no athlete has before.

“I think my goal is really to be have the biggest impact any athlete has done to that city,” Kuzma said. “That’s kind of my goal. Over the years, keep trying to build that community and build hope. That’s something I really want to do as my career progresses.”

Kuzma has made his ambitions on the court well known since arriving in Los Angeles, but it looks like he wants to be as big of a star off the court as he is on the court. So far, he’s off to a great start, and promises to only get better.

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