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Kyle Kuzma is using the Slender Man movie to roast Brandon Ingram ... again

After a short offseason break, Kyle Kuzma is back to roasting his Lakers teammates on Twitter.

It’s a unique skill to be able to promote something like a film while roasting someone, but it’s a skill Los Angeles Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma seems to have mastered.

Earlier this year, Kuzma used one of the early movie posters for the upcoming horror film “Slender Man” to tease Brandon Ingram about his long and, dare I say, slender 190-pound frame, with Lonzo Ball also joining in on the fun:

Now with the film’s release just a few weeks away, Kuzma couldn’t miss the opportunity to take another shot at Ingram. On Wednesday the Slender Man movie’s official Twitter account tweeted a trailer for the film and Kuzma expressed his excitement for his teammate’s first full-length feature film:

Naturally, Ball chimed in as well:

Kuzma and Ball got themselves into some trouble earlier this summer after a line was crossed during their famous roasting sessions. So much so that the team reportedly had to step in and tell them to tone it down. However, it’s highly unlikely the front office has a problem with a few comments about Ingram’s passing resemblance to a fictional horror character.

We’ll see how much the tone of the team changes when LeBron James officially makes his way into the team locker room, but if I had to guess, the hazing won’t come to a full stop and it shouldn’t.

The team’s engagement with one another is one of the things that made last year’s team so fun to follow. To take that away from them would be to take away a part of their team identity.

As long as LeBron’s hairline isn’t brought up between now and the start of the season, I think we’ll see more of the same from Kuzma, Ball, Ingram and the rest of the young players.

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