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Lakers Free Agency News: LeBron James is going to eat pizza and maybe sign his contract

Time for some investigative journalism. Sure we’re all wondering when LeBron James will sign his new Lakers contract, but does he put pineapple on his pizza?

Via Blaze Pizza Advertising

The biggest question throughout the Los Angeles Lakers fan base is: When might LeBron James finally put pen to paper on his three-year commitment to the team?

Well, we might possibly have gotten our first hint at when that might go down. And we have pizza to thank for that (and really all that is good in life if we’re being honest).

This isn’t an outright guarantee that James will appear at this location because he’s really seemed to prefer to play things out quietly throughout this entire move to Los Angeles, but this is as good a chance at any to catch a glimpse of the biggest addition to any roster this offseason.

Let’s get down to the real important topic here. The conversation that really matters. The hard-hitting questions that simply cannot go unasked.

Does LeBron Raymone James, investor and part owner of Blaze Pizza, like pineapples on his pizza?

I will now take this time that the best combination of pizza toppings you can put on a pizza is ham, bacon, pineapple and jalapeño. You get the spice of jalapeños, plus the sweetness of the pineapple and everything gets better with bacon on it. You’re all welcome for this endowment of delicious information.

So we now turn our attention to whether James agrees. Being the incredible journalist that I am, I asked the million-dollar question.

Through my extensive research, I have inside sources (read: Blaze Pizza’s menu) who say pineapple is indeed an option at Blaze Pizza. If they didn’t, that would be objectively awful and might potentially be enough to make me consider whether the Lakers should demand he either play for the league minimum or add pineapples to the menu.

Thank goodness it didn’t come to this.

As everyone knows, James enjoys the finer things in life and this probably should never have been in question, but just to be sure, if you attend the event, keep an eye on what he puts on his pizza. The fate of the Lakers and, by extension, the world is at stake here.

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