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Nick Young and Kyle Kuzma say NBA players are too focused on how they look when they work out

Nick Young compared young NBA players **cough, Kelly Oubre, cough** to Instagram models, and Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma agrees.

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It might seem like the only things Nick Young and Kyle Kuzma have in common are that both can score in bunches and have spent some time on the Los Angeles Lakers, but they also have one more shared trait: They both want young players more focused on getting better during the summer than how they look when they do it.

Things all kicked off when Young tweeted that he doesn’t like the way a lot of players seem to be doubling as Instagram models when they work out, something Kuzma agreed with:

But what could they have possibly been referencing? Well, for anyone who has been following the exploits of the ridiculously photogenic Kelly Oubre this summer, the answer seemed to be obvious:

But whether they were actually subtweeting Oubre or not, Young wants Kuzma to try and end the trend:

And Kuzma sounds like he’s up to the challenge:

However, as former Laker and former Nick Young teammate Lou Williams pointed out on Twitter, this criticism is kind of rich considering the source it’s coming from:

It’s similarly funny coming from Kuzma, who has been endlessly roasted by his teammates in his Instagram comments for how quickly he posts photos of himself after workouts and games, as well as for his dramatic captions showcasing the work he puts in, most memorably when Josh Hart imitated one to mock it:

Not much talkin to do. SHOW ME.

A post shared by Kyle Kuzma (@kuz) on

Not much talkin to do. SHOW ME.

A post shared by Josh Hart (@jhart) on

But while the sources of this message might be kind of amusing, the message is still sort of spot on, at least in regards to the ways a lot of people seem to evaluate the offseason.

Many people (both fans and media) seem to fall into the trap of thinking that the only players working are the ones that are posting photos of themselves in the gym. The natural response/extension of that is players trying to wear memorable stuff so that their workouts get noticed — with Hoodie Melo and whatever the hell Oubre was/wasn’t wearing immediately coming to mind as examples.

But the players posting pics or getting “caught” in them aren’t the only ones putting in work. Some players just don’t have photographers with them while they’re working out, or some are in the team facility after the team’s media department has gone home for the day and don’t get photos taken.

Players can and should wear whatever they want while they work out, as long as they’re actually working, but those of us on the outside also shouldn’t get overly caught up in those outfits or public sessions, because they aren’t the only ones that matter.

Also, lets laugh one more time at the guy who wore this to a playoff game criticizing other people for attention-grabbing outfits:

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