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Jeanie Buss says the people vandalizing the LeBron James murals in Los Angeles aren’t real Lakers fans

Jeanie Buss thinks only people from Boston could be responsible for defacing murals of new Lakers signing LeBron James.

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For the second time this month, a mural of LeBron James in Los Angeles has been vandalized. While no one knows exactly who is behind these shameful acts, Lakers controlling owner Jeanie Buss knows one thing: these people are not real Lakers fans.

In an interview with Mark Willard and Bill Plaschke on Fox Sports Radio, Buss commented on the murals being vandalized throughout L.A. and gave her reasoning on why she doesn’t think it’s Lakers fans doing the defacing:

“If they’re doing that, then they’re not Lakers fans. I didn’t realize how many people from Boston live in Los Angeles... That’s not a Laker fan, and that’s not what Lakers fans stand for. The artists have worked hard and it deserves to be appreciated, so shame on the people who defaced that. It’s not right.”

If there’s anyone that knows what a real Lakers fan looks like, it’s Jeanie Buss. Jeanie, the oldest daughter of Jerry Buss, has been a part of the organization and the city of Los Angeles for most of her adult life.

She’s seen the team during their highest highs and their lowest lows. If Buss thinks a Lakers fan didn’t do it, it’s probably because they didn’t.

Instead, the“real” Lakers fans were helping artist Gustavo Zermeno patch up his work of art honoring James and the legends that came before him.

Those are real Lakers fans.

As far as her theory about someone from Boston doing it, that’s less likely. While the two teams do have a heated and historic rivalry, its peak was several years ago and the first mural that was vandalized read “WE don’t want you.”

It’s still not totally clear who exactly defaced these murals, but it’s clear as day in this particular instance that no real Lakers fan would do this.

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