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Lakers News: New Dodgers third baseman Manny Machado chose No. 8 in part out of respect for Kobe Bryant

The hold Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has over the city of Los Angeles continues, as Manny Machado showed his re24pect with his Dodgers jersey number.

Dodgers official Twitter account

In just a single month, the Los Angeles Lakers added LeBron James — only one of the sport’s absolute all-time greats — and the Los Angeles Dodgers added Manny Machado — only one of his sport’s most exciting, young talents. Not a bad month at all for those who root for the city’s only real basketball and baseball teams.

Friday afternoon, Machado held his introductory press conference and spoke very highly of what it means to add to the city’s incredible history and current collection of stars.

(Quick Note: The amount of star-power Los Angeles currently offers is absolutely insane. James and Machado, plus Zlatan Ibrahimović, Todd Gurley, Aaron Donald, Candace Parker, Clayton Kershaw, that Magic Johnson guy who ties a lot of this together and I’m sure I’m forgetting others. Such an exciting time for L.A. sports)

Machado was asked why he went with number eight for his jersey and had an answer that should endear him to Lakers fans everywhere (via Alanna Rizzo of Spectrum SportsNetLA):

Kobe holds an incredibly special place among this generation of athletes. This much simply cannot be argued. The fact that he won as much as he did, on his terms yet in multiple ways seems to really reverberate with athletes who grew up during or shortly after his prime. Machado is merely the latest example of athletes looking up to him.

For the Dodgers, this is another step towards a World Series title they’ve been chasing for more than three decades. They nearly attained that goal last season, and given how close they seemingly are, it’s great to see them push their chips into the middle of the title to make it happen.

The Lakers are going about rebuilding their organization in a lot of the same ways the Dodgers have reached this point — from the ground up. How incredible would it be if both historic franchises were to reach the pinnacle of their sport at or near the same time? Here’s hoping the latest two superstars the city can flaunt can make that happen.

Excited about Machado Mania? Check out our T-Shirt below if you want to celebrate the Dodgers’ latest star, courtesy of our friends at Breaking T:

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