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Podcast: LeBron James agrees to sign with the Lakers, so now what?

The Lakers accomplished the hardest part in nabbing LeBron James, but their work is nowhere near done from here.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers shocked the world and, coming off of a 35-win season, convinced LeBron James to leave a team that just a month ago was playing in the NBA Finals. To celebrate this momentous occasion (and try to offer analysis between fits of teenage giggles), Pete joins me for the rare Monday episode of Locked on Lakers.

To start the show, well, we laugh, we cry, we run through the fields of purple and gold flowers, we dance in the sun, we dance in the rain, we.... what were we talking about again?

I give Pete the opportunity to gloat on his four entertainment sources and, of course, he plays it down. So I go off for him. LeBron is a Laker. Who cares?

We also discussed what exactly this means for the immediate future of the organization. The San Antonio Spurs can’t possibly be happy about how things are turning out. The Philadelphia 76ers aren’t going to risk anything of any worth for potentially only a year of Kawhi Leonard. The Boston Celtics were already playing the situation conservatively. RC Buford and Gregg Popovich can’t be thrilled.

Maybe the price drops so low that some random team out there convinces themselves even one year of Kawhi Leonard is worth it, let alone the opportunity to turn things around a la the Oklahoma City Thunder with Paul George. But at this current junction, things are leaning pretty heavily in the Lakers’ favor.

Seeing as it wouldn’t be a complete show without me finding something to complain about, I talk about some of the agreements since LeBron hopped on-board as well as the Julius Randle situation. There’s still reason for optimism, but things aren’t looking great on that front.

We finish the show by marveling a how amazing it is that it’s Magic freaking Johnson turning things around. There are no words, but I tried to find them.

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