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Josh Hart trolls his Fortnite teammates: ‘I’m like LeBron, y’all like the Cavs’

Josh Hart has grown a reputation for endlessly quotable trolling of his teammates during his time with the Lakers, and it seems that now extends to the guys LeBron used to play with as well.

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Josh Hart might be dominating Las Vegas Summer League with the Los Angeles Lakers this month, but how thoroughly he’s owned his competition in that setting doesn’t even come close to how hilariously he just burned the guys his new teammate LeBron James used to play with on the Cleveland Cavaliers during a Fortnite stream.

Hart’s Fortnite streams have led to notable moments before — “Tamper this d**k,” anyone? — and as Hart felt he was carrying his teammates in their current game, he might have dropped his funniest quote yet, comparing the other members of his squad to the players James had to carry to the NBA Finals last season (h/t Lakers Reddit user Tankpac).

“I’m like LeBron, y’all like the Cavs,” Hart said, and his teammates started laughing, already aware this particular quote was about to get clipped. Sure enough, they were right, and here it is:

Making this even funnier is that two of Hart’s former teammates, Jordan Clarkson and his close friend Larry Nance, Jr., were among the flotsam and jetsam James lifted out of the Eastern Conference, meaning that even when Hart is clowning other people, he’s still usually somehow clowning his teammates.

This season, Hart is hoping to be part of a Lakers supporting cast that can help James a bit more than the Cavaliers roster did, using his shooting to space the floor and playmaking in transition to make things easier on James.

It remains to be seen if the Lakers’ current mix of young players and veterans can actually accomplish that goal, but it’s hard to imagine them doing a worse job at complementing their superstar than the Cavaliers did last season after they traded Kyrie Irving. If they don’t, then Hart definitely just set himself up for some major counter trolling.

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