Not a Laker Fan - Just want to see a GSW Challenger

Congrats on LeBron guys! That's awesome. So, I've got a question - how can you build a superteam out here? I want a competitive conference finals. Don't care for Laker basketball at all, but man would it be fun to see a team give Golden State a 7 game back and forth series - and maybe even win it! So, what's next?

My thought (with PG out of the picture) is to trade for both Kawhi & Lillard. Is this feasible, cap wise? Lonzo + Deng + Hart + FRP for Lillard + Aminu, and Ingram straight up for Kawhi. Doable? I'm not sure about the estimated value in sign & trades, and the trade machine won't let me do one. What are your thoughts? Alternate superteams? I just want a fun NBA again and you seem to be our best shot at that.

Help me Los Angeles. You're my only hope

P.S. Alternate plan - trade for Lillard, dump Deng, and sign Cousins to the max for 1yr. Call the bluff, wait for Kawhi and sub him for Cousins next year. Get a superteam this year (sort of) and then just wait for it to get really good when Kawhi replaces Cousins.