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Watch for this play in Game 4 ... The Lakers run it too

The young Lakers can learn a thing or two from the Warriors about how to execute part of the Flow Offense.

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NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Lakers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Walton rode in on his white horse two years ago with arms unfolded to save beleaguered Lakers fans from the aesthetically cruel reign of Byron Scott. He was traveling from Oakland and tasked with pulling an old franchise with a young roster into the modern era of NBA basketball.

He brought with him the Flow Offense, a system of read-and-react principles designed to allow the Lakers to play with structure and pace, without the need for as many set play calls. The learning curve on that is steep, especially with a young roster that is navigating more universal truths about the game while they’re trying to grasp the specifics of what their team wants to do.

In this installment of Laker Film Room, I take a look at Gaggles - a weak side 3-man action that the Lakers and Warriors share within the Flow Offense. The Warriors run these much more efficiently than the Lakers do, and not just as a function of superior talent, but because they also understand crucial details that younger players often miss.

Let’s take a closer look.

Tonight may be the last night of NBA basketball for the next several months, as the Warriors take a 3-0 lead into Game 4. See if you can spot the Gaggles in real time and sharpen your eye for what’s set to be a fascinating 2018-19 season.

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