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Podcast: What do the Lakers do if they don’t land a superstar free agent?

If LeBron James, Paul George or any other free agent superstar signs elsewhere, the Lakers are kind of screwed.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

We’ve all operated under the assumption that the Los Angeles Lakers would just get at least Paul George and maybe another star beyond that this summer. But with reports that he might actually like it in Oklahoma City and that LeBron James isn’t too hot on the Lakers, it does force you to wonder: What if the Lakers strike out?

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but since the regular season ended, it’s always felt like George signing would be inevitable. Still, Lakers fans have to realize they’re expecting a superstar in his prime to leave a near 50-win team in favor of one that won 35 games a season ago. That just never really happens.

In LeBron’s case, fans are thinking he might not only leave a team currently in the NBA Finals, but with the entire market in front of him, he’d forego a chance to join playoff teams that are readymade for his addition to come to the Lakers because.... TV? Movies?

Again, that doesn’t really happen.

Yes, the Lakers offer the opportunity for those guys to team up and possibly have their choice of third superstar via trade, but that’s a lot that has to fall right compared to other destinations across the NBA.

So, the question bears asking: What happens if those guys and other superstars pass up on the Lakers? In short, everything burns. There are options and value on the market, but this entire rebuild — especially under Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka — is has always been predicated on eventually landing a superstar. Not doing so either this or next summer would be nothing short of disaster.

So, for this episode of the Locked on Lakers podcast, Pete and I discuss everything related to this doomsday situation. It gets real.

Also, Pete clears the air on the whole entertainment sources and LeBron thing. Listen to the full conversation below.

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