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Lakers Video: Josh Hart makes fun of Lonzo Ball for listening to his own mixtape while lifting weights

Josh Hart had some (NSFW) words on Lonzo Ball

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Photo via Josh Hart’s Instagram

Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and the rest of the young Los Angeles Lakers have built up a reputation for roasting each other on social media, so of course the latest evidence that Ball is working out this summer came through that type of teasing.

This time, it was Hart going on his Instagram to show the world that Ball not just listens to his own music while working out, but he BLARES it throughout the entire Lakers training facility, while dancing to it to boot:

Weak ass rappers ‍♂️ @zo

A post shared by Josh Hart (@jhart) on

Not only is this continuing evidence of the stellar team chemistry this core is building through their social media roasts, but it’s also proof that Ball is in the gym for those of you that continue to tweet at me or comment on the site about how you haven’t seen him there while Hart and Kuzma have been very prominently photographed and recorded after predraft workouts.

However, Kuzma has said in the past that Ball has been there as much as anyone, he has just been mostly lifting weights in the back:

“He’s been in (the weight room) pretty much every day I’ve been in here around this time, and you can tell he’s taking the weight room a lot more seriously. That’s going to help him by allowing him to recover faster and hopefully next year be on the court more.”

The reality is that if Ball isn’t out on the court at the exact, very limited time the media is watching the tail end of predraft workouts, they — and by extension, fans — aren’t going to see him because they aren’t allowed in at any other time.

Even though Ball was dancing in this video, this is at least evidence that yes, he’s in the facility, and he’s working on his game and trying to improve for next season. He, Hart and the rest of the team are just having fun while they do it.

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