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Lakers Podcast: Would NBA fans hate a Lakers super team?

The Lakers might land a couple free agents (hi, LeBron James and Paul George). So what might the reaction to that be?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves on the precipice of the latest most exciting offseason in recent franchise history. LeBron James? Sure, why not? Paul George? Well yeah he’s been in the bag for years now. LeBron James and Paul George? OH WE BACK, BABY.

But first, Pete and I had some serious ground to cover. Most namely, the time a sporting event made us want to use a cheese grater as a washcloth — and, by extension, the time that allowed us to laugh heartily at the plight we fear most.

Without getting too specific, we shared a couple sad memories that any Laker fan might remember. From there, I get into a very recent one that hurt me to my core as a Dodgers fan. Still, we’re pretty blessed that no Laker ever pulled a JR Smith in spot as big as that one.

On the other side of things, we figured we’d lighten the mood with some unexpected hilarity thanks to an opponent of our favorite team. Those are only some of the best parts of rooting for a team with the success rate the Lakers are fortunate enough to boast (these last five years notwithstanding).

From there, we turn the conversation to how the Lakers might’ve benefitted from Smith’s blunder. If the Cavs were sitting at one game to one with game three coming on their court, the chances of LeBron leaving are significantly lower than they currently sit.

We wrap with a discussion about how different things are for the Lakers heading into this summer than the last time LeBron or Kevin Durant might be available. Last time around, neither James or Durant gave the Lakers the time of day. Durant didn’t even take a meeting.

This time, despite having won only 35 games last year, the Lakers have a chance at a very fruitful offseason. That has to mean something — but only for so long.

Oh, and we debate whether NBA fans at large would hate a Lakers super team. I already regret the side of the discussion I took.

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