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NBA Free Agency Rumors: Next 48 hours ‘pivotal’ for Lakers to ‘sell’ LeBron James on their plan for him

LeBron James joining the Lakers in free agency might really happen, and soon.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers might really do this. LeBron James, who is in the city, might be on the verge of leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka’s grand plans might really come to fruition.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN went on SportsCenter and dropped this bomb.

“We are really at a crazy moment in NBA history here. LeBron James is moving towards becoming a Los Angeles Laker. The Lakers in my mind, and my sources tell me have the inside track here. The conversation they have with LeBron, whether it’s with LeBron directly or with his representation over the next 24 to 48 hours is going to be the pivotal moment. They’re going to have to sell LeBron on a plan that would include potentially coming here to LA without another star free agent.”

Wow. That last part regarding whichever teammate he might be joining in Los Angeles is absolutely critical.

Not only does not needing a superstar in-house when he arrives obviously improve the Lakers’ chances of landing LeBron, but it also increases their leverage with the San Antonio Spurs in trade negotiations for Kawhi Leonard.

Most of the speculation around talks between the two teams has implied that the Lakers have to get this done in order to have a chance at James. If that isn’t the case, the Lakers can afford to wait this out and gain leverage over time.

James making his decision quickly also helps the Lakers not only in the Leonard discussions, but also with any other way they might want to improve the roster. Paul George’s decision becomes a lot easier once he knows he’s joining LeBron.

Plus, role players across the league are going to want to chase rings as a Laker alongside James. Even guys currently on the roster better understand how they need to tailor their games with him as a teammate.

In every way possible, this is turning out as well as even the most optimistic Lakers fan could’ve hoped for.

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