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Jordan McLaughlin, Justin Bibbins and Gabe Levin appear to have worked out for the Lakers ahead of the 2018 NBA Draft

The Lakers are really doing their due diligence for the 2018 NBA Draft, and brought Jordan McLaughlin, Justin Bibbins and Gabe Levin to their facility for an unannounced workout.

USC Men’s Basketball

There are no days off in the pre-draft process for prospects or teams they hope to one day play for or bloggers for that matter. Heading into Saturday, there were no pre-announced workouts scheduled, but it would appear a couple point guards got their work in on Friday in a workout that was not made public: USC’s Jordan McLaughlin and Long Beach State’s Gabe Levin and Justin Bibbins (the latter of whom also spent time at Utah).

None of the three are on ESPN’s list of the top 100 draft prospects, but if there’s one thing the Lakers have shown a proclivity for during their now five-year-long rebuild it’s finding gems where you wouldn’t previously have thought to look.

McLaughlin, a 6’1” senior from Etiwanda, averaged a shade under 13 points and 8 assists per game. One thing that did stand out from his college averages was his three-point shooting, which jumped from 27% his freshman year to at or above 40% the rest of his collegiate career. The Lakers desperately need shooting, so that should certainly helps his case.

It’s still doubtful he has and pro prospects, but you never know.

The case for Bibbins and Levin is much tougher. Being only 5’8” hurts the former, but to his credit, he shot 44% from three on six attempts per game. As for Levin, as a 6’7 wing who only shot just over 30 percent on threes in college and hasn’t gathered many plaudits elsewhere, he wouldn’t seem like a long shot to be picked by the Lakers in the first or second round.

With all of that in mind, it’s hard to see any of them being selected in the draft later this month. Maybe they find homes in the G-League and build from there, but this feels like due diligence on the part of the Lakers, who have higher hopes this upcoming offseason and on into next year.

McLaughlin, Levin and Bibbins are very highly regarded at their respective schools, which definitely matters for something. As has become custom after workouts, they posed for pics with Magic Johnson. Can’t say I blame them.

My goodness Magic is huge. It really puts into perspective how special he was at that size, running point guard for arguable one of the most explosive offensive the NBA has ever seen.

All stats per A full list of every prospect we know the Lakers have worked out is available here.

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