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Lakers Video: Watch Brandon Ingram go through intense dribbling and coordination drills

Lakers forward Brandon Ingram looks set to improve as a ballhandler next season.

Image via ImPossibleTraining on YouTube

If Brandon Ingram isn’t dealt to the San Antonio Spurs or another team in the middle of what looks to be a summer of seismic shakeups for the Los Angeles Lakers, much of their future hinges on whether or not he can reach his full potential and put the team over the top talent-wise.

To his credit, Ingram seems to realize that, and has the internal drive to push himself towards making the most of his copious talents. On that front, Ingram has been working with Micah Lancaster — the same trainer that helped Victor Oladipo become an All-Star — and while we had seen some of the results of their efforts, the full scope of what the two were/are working on remained unknown.

Now we have a bit more information on that front, as “I’m Possible Training” put out another video of Ingram working with Lancaster, this time featuring Ingram going through a variety of drills designed to improve his coordination and footwork:

Those drills are interesting because by having Ingram focus not only on dribbling and finishing but also picking up and setting down a cone, Lancaster appears to be training Ingram’s brain as much as his mind. Drills like that one not only can help Ingram improve his fundamentals, but also how to focus on multiple tasks at once, something that would seem to help improve his cognition speed and ability to make reads while a lot of things are going on around him on the court.

In this fashion, the drills also bear a resemblance to Stephen Curry’s famed workouts in which he has to hit different lights and do other tasks while dribbling a ball:

How well these drills will transfer to the court is obviously still an open question, but Ingram is definitely working on a bunch of interesting skills as he continues to push himself over the summer.

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