Moe Wagner and Laker "Flexibility"

I think the Wagner pick puts the Maginka "flexibility" policy on full display. Wagner has been touted as a stretch 5 despite weak rim protection. Media speculate he replaces Lopez – and Magic today sounded like he agrees. But I think Wagner is also insurance for Kuzma and Randle.

Wagner shoots like Kuzma and has the agility to switch like Randle (if not rebound like him). If the Lakers do decide to trade for Kawhi (or others), Wagner’s shooting makes Kuzma a potential trade piece. Wagner also hedges against losing Randle to trade (or FA, which I think looks increasingly likely).

Wagner showed poise and thoughtfulness at his introduction today. He’ll be a media favorite. But can he and Randle alone handle centers like Gobert and Cousins? Magic described Lopez as the Lakers’ "old center." Do they plan to sign Noels? Will Cousins take a small contract to be with LeBron and George? Just wondering….