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Podcast: Which role players should the Lakers surround LeBron James and Paul George with?

If things go as everyone hopes, the Lakers will need to get LeBron James some help. Paul George is a start, but who else will they need?

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Pete stops by a day early because I don’t know how calendars work. To start the show, we go through the day’s headlines. The recruiting script the Lakers had for Paul George leaked, then his documentary was announced and we received the latest free agency update on LeBron James.

Let’s start with George. We now know exactly what Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson were hoping might sway his decision. Pete and I start by rating the script. Let’s just say Pete isn’t a fan, and I explain why the thing was so cheesy with an unfortunate truth about NBA players.

Which brings us to the next piece of news on the Paul George front: Apparently Dwyane Wade is involved with George’s three-part documentary and boy are my Spidey Senses tingling. It’s not all that difficult to connect the dots from George, to Wade and then to LeBron. We get into why things are really coming together for those hoping the Lakers land a couple superstars this summer.

Speaking of Wade, he segues us into the second segment of the conversation, in which we discuss role players that make sense if the Lakers do land James and/or George. Wade doesn’t necessarily make a ton of sense in terms of basketball, but if he helps grease the wheels that land the aforementioned stars, then we’re all for it.

Other stars we discuss: Avery Bradley, Seth Curry, Tony Parker, Wayne Ellington, Brook Lopez and Channing Frye. It all comes down to need for the Lakers, and while they drafted a couple shooters, if you’re building around LeBron James, you want to make sure to surround him with surer things than rookies, as promising as they might be.

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