Updated updated depth chart mostly through free agency

Hooooo boy a lot has changed!

C: McGee, Zubac, Bryant (team option), Wagner
PF: LeBron F***cking James, Randle (restricted FA), Kuzma, Deng
SF: Ingram, Stephenson, Bonga (probably definitely stays overseas)
SG: KCP, Hart, Mykhailiuk, Newman (two way)
PG: Ball, Rondo Ennis (team option), Caruso (two way)

Updated takeaways:

  1. One year deals mean we are all in on the summer of Kawhi/Klay.
  2. Only have space for two more guys.
  3. We definitely need another C/PF. After losing Randle, we really don't have a switchy C that can survive on the perimeter anymore and we can't expect LeBron to play PF full time. I heard rumblings of Kuzma at small-ball C, but I can't imagine that being a playoff option. Is this the year Deng returns to the rotation? Are we really getting (stuck with) Carmelo? Lopez coming back even though he can't switch? Absolutely no idea who this guy ends up being.
  4. Also need a fifth guard. We have plenty of playmaking on the wing, but could definitely use one more guy as insurance.
This season is going to be nothing if not interesting. Are you not entertained?

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A couple quick takeaways:

  1. Filling the void on the wing is definitely priority number one. We can get by with what we have in the front court right now if we have to, but not on the wing. It will be very interesting to see what Pelinka does here if we don't get Lebron and/or Paul George. Ideally, Hart is (sixth man of the year) backing up SG and SF.
  2. Massive pressure on Lonzo unless we sign another PG (or point forward). As it stands, Lonzo has to stay healthy this year and bring his A game every night. Without Lonzo, our rotations fall apart in an instant (Ingram has to run point, Kuzma at SF, etc.).
  3. Don't be surprised to see some form of three year deals given out, especially if we miss on Paul George. Three summers from now, Lonzo, Kuzma, and Hart are all up for restricted free agency at the same time. We're gonna need some serious cash available that summer.
Bonus wildcard scenario:
Don't discount the possibility of Lebron coming over and bringing Chris Paul with him. Chris Paul is legitimately pissed off at Houston because they promised him a max when he did his opt-in-and-trade last summer and now they are backing off that (rightfully so). Chris "I've always had a chip on my shoulder" Paul might come here just to piss off Houston. As long as we don't give him a four year deal, that would be amazing. We could just slide Lonzo over to start at SG like Harden did last season. Also, Lopez would most likely come back on that roster, and we would have a legitimate championship contender on our hands.