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LaVar Ball says Lakers trading Lonzo Ball would be the ‘worst move they ever made’

Shockingly, LaVar Ball doesn’t think the Lakers should trade his son Lonzo Ball.

2017 NBA Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Since before the Los Angeles Lakers even drafted Lonzo Ball, his father LaVar Ball has been up front about the fact that getting his son into the purple and gold has always been his grand plan.

His reaction to (mostly unfounded) rumors that the team might trade Lonzo, then, might be a bit surprising to anyone who has been paying attention since the beginning (via TMZ/News 4 San Antonio):

“If they wanna trade him, trade him. It’ll be the worst move they ever made.”

”If they wanna trade him, trade him. If they don’t wanna trade him, keep him. He’s gonna do his thing. I’m not worried about no trades.

Actually, I guess given that LaVar has already said he thinks Lonzo is already better than Kawhi Leonard, it shouldn’t be that surprising that he thinks it would be dumb for them to trade him for Leonard or in any other transaction.

That’s probably an incorrect view of things, because if Leonard is healthy he’s a top-five NBA player, but all this may be a moot argument anyway, because by all accounts the Spurs don’t even want Lonzo in any potential Leonard trades.

However, getting aside from the inanity of why LaVar is claiming this, it’s pretty easy to dispute it on a level outside of debating whether Lonzo is better than Leonard, because the Lakers have made several far worse decisions than that deal would be.

The Steve Nash sign-and-trade, signing Timofey Mozgov to a gargantuan deal three minutes into free agency and having Adam Levine dress up in a Lakers jersey to scream at LaMarcus Aldridge in arguably the worst recruiting pitch in NBA history are all objectively worse decisions than trading Lonzo for Leonard would be.

I mean, look at this picture:

The jersey isn’t even on! It’s laying on his chest! Why Adam Levine, of all people?

See, it’s basically impossible for the Lakers to make a worse decision than that this summer, even if they do trade Lonzo.

They probably shouldn’t trade Lonzo, though. He’s pretty good, his dad’s antics aside, and the Lakers can likely make their big moves without shipping him out.

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