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Josh Hart is already roasting new Lakers draft pick Mo Wagner on Twitter

The young Lakers became known for their social media roasting this year, so I guess Josh Hart making fun of Mo Wagner means he’s officially on the team?

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One of the more fun storylines around the Los Angeles Lakers this past season was the way their young core (mainly Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball) would make fun of each other on social media.

A few weeks ago, however, they were told to tone it down after some thought a diss track Ball made about Kuzma crossed a line, which left us to wonder: Would they be allowed to tease each other anymore, or were the young Lakers’ Twitter and Instagram accounts about to get a lot more boring?

Hart’s random, out-of-nowhere roasting of new Lakers draft pick Mo Wagner would seem to imply that the young guys aren’t going to stop giving each other a hard time anytime soon, which is good news for people who like fun things:

Perhaps more importantly, Wagner doesn’t seem to mind the ribbing:

This is a remix of an old classic for Hart, because he already basically used this one on Kuzma earlier this summer in a similarly out-of-left-field but still hilarious jab on Twitter:

Wagner can probably take it, because he already knows Hart likes him after the guard told the Lakers front office how much fun he’d be to play with at his pre-draft workout for the team.

Hart also shares an agent with Wagner and has been supporting him throughout the draft process:

It’s been said before and it’s worth saying again: As long as this stuff doesn’t cross any lines and feelings don’t get hurt, it’s totally fine for the Lakers to be ribbing each other on Twitter or Instagram. The people upset about it seem to not realize that this is, on some level, how people of Hart and Wagner’s generation communicate and show affection for each other.

It’s really not a big deal unless it gets out of hand.

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