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NBA Rumors: LeBron James deciding between Lakers and Cavaliers in free agency

If the latest NBA Rumors are true, LeBron James might already be choosing between the Lakers and Cavaliers well before free agency starts.

Los Angeles Lakers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James heading to the Los Angeles Lakers seems to look more likely every day that it isn’t explicitly ruled out. Only adding to that speculation storm will be the latest from Brian Windhorst of ESPN on “The Jump,” in what at the very least appears to be informed speculation (h/t Lakers Outsiders):

“I don’t think Houston is in the running for that same reason. I don’t think his family feels comfortable going to Houston. I think it’s really where his family is going to be qualifies the teams, you have to get his wife Savannah and his sons to say yes. I think L.A. and Cleveland pass that, and I think that’s why they’re in the drivers seat right now, those two teams.”

Now again, that sounds a little speculative, but it’s hard to argue that anyone is more plugged in with LeBron than Windhorst is. Plus, this is only the most recent rumbling that James to L.A. is a possibility for family reasons.

July 1 is still a ways away, and things could change in the time between now and free agency. The timing of luring LeBron and other stars is also complicated, but the fact that James might not be making this decision solely for basketball reasons might actually help the Lakers’ case, because it’s not like Cleveland is a phenomenally better basketball situation. Even as their roster stands right now, the Lakers would arguably provide James a better supporting cast top to bottom than the Cavaliers team he just took to the Finals.

Again, Lakers fans shouldn’t exactly start heading out and buying their LeBron jerseys just yet, but this looks to just be the latest in what might end up being a series of breadcrumbs pointing towards LeBron heading to Los Angeles if he signs with the Lakers.

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