Draft Targets For The Lakers

Draft Day is almost upon us, and here I'll break down some prospects that the Lakers could get with their selections

Pick No. 25 - from the Cleveland Cavaliers

1. Grayson Allen - 6'4 SG out of Duke

Pro Comp - more athletic JJ Redick

Like his fellow Blue Devil alum, Allen was a fairly productive player in his four year Duke career. He will give the Lakers a scoring combo guard off the bench, and his better than 2 to 1 Assist to Turnover ratio shows that he's not a one trick pony. A 6'7.25 wingspan and good athleticism gives Laker coaches some tools to work with defensively, although he'll be confined to defending guards at the NBA level.

2. Kevin Huerter - 6'7 SF out of Maryland

Pro Comp - poor man's Klay Thompson

Huerter projects well with a developed jumper and an innate ability to hit shots off screens/curls. Scouts have raved about his shot mechanics. As he develops, he'll look to be better at creating for himself and others. He gives the Lakers a spot up threat off the bench while not being a defensive liability. His modest 6'7.5 wingspan limits his defensive upside, and he's 5-10 pounds away from an NBA ready body.

3. Jacob Evans - 6'5 SG out of Cincinnati

Pro Comp - Courtney Lee

Cerebral on both sides of the ball, Evans looks to be a 3 and D type player that the modern NBA craves. His athleticism is only average compared to the rest of the NBA, which puts a cap on what he can do. His high basketball IQ gives him an extremely high floor, and his well-rounded game provides a solid foundation to work off of at the NBA level.

Pick No. 39 - from the Philadelphia 76ers and Pick No. 49 from the Denver Nuggets

1. Melvin Frazier - 6'6 SG out of Tulane

Pro Comp - Gerald Green offensively, Justise WInslow defensively

He has a wide range of physical tools to work with: 40.5 inch maximum vertical, 3.08s 3/4 sprint (5th best at the combine) and a 7'1.75 wingspan. His long ball improved significantly, and he shot 62.3% inside the arc. His ability to guard 1-4 would help any team, much less the Lakers. Will be limited in terms of creating offense and ceiling, but an explosive 3 and D wing who can slash is as good a second round pick as any.

2. Trevon Duval - 6'3 PG out of Duke

Pro Comp - Kris Dunn

Shooting woes aside, there's a solid backup point in Duval. He has elite leaping ability (41.5 maximum vertical leap), as well as great quickness. Although a good passer who knows how to set up teammates, he still needs to work on some intricacies of running the point. Good size means he can defend both guard slots. If he develops a workable jumper and better focus on off ball defense, he could be a steal this late.

3. Shake Milton - 6'6 SG out of SMU

Pro Comp - poor man's Khris Middleton

His name alone is worth a second round flier. Jokes aside, Milton torched the nets from 3 at a 42.7% clip over his 3 year college career. That skill alone is a bankable one in the current NBA landscape. He has also shown the ability to run the point, and his length (7'0.75 wingspan) gives him potential on defense. A lack of burst and jumping ability (33' inch maximum vertical) hurts his prospects, and his scoring inside the arc is underwhelming. A lack of athletic ability is also why Middleton is a perfect comp (Middleton had a 31' max vert)