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Podcast: What is a fair trade offer from the Lakers for Kawhi Leonard?

Draft day is always exciting, but with Kawhi Leonard potentially on the market, Lakers fans may really want to tune in.

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San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

For about as long as most can remember, the San Antonio Spurs have been a symbol of consistency, quality and stability. Yet here we are in consecutive offseasons featuring stars wanting out (last year, LaMarcus Aldridge; this year, Kawhi Leonard). I bring Quixem Ramirez of News 4 San Antonio on Locked on Lakers to try to figure out what is going on.

We start with how we got here. This is important because process can sometimes help indicate what might be coming next from all the involved parties. No, I don’t think Leonard would sit out a full year out of organizational distrust again, but it’s crucial to understand what went wrong so history doesn’t repeat itself.

Quixem does his best to take us through this wild story from where he stands, covering the Spurs. This story is about as complicated as they come in professional sports, and the Spurs are about as secretive as a team can get, so this is no easy task. Still, the picture is fairly clear.

From there, I add my two cents on what I find interesting from the situation. (Spoiler alert: Everything)

We go back and forth about whether things are beyond repair, if the Spurs are petty enough to turn down the best offer if it comes from the Lakers and what such an offer would have to look like in order to convince them to send away the best player they’ve had since Tim Duncan.

We end on how we think this all plays out. Does Leonard get moved before the draft? If he doesn’t get moved today, does he make it to the deadline? If he makes it to the deadline, does he really turn down a check for more than $200 million? This was a really fun conversation. Happy draft day.

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