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How to watch the 2018 NBA Draft: Time, channel, draft order, what picks the Lakers have

The 2018 NBA Draft is here, so here is a guide on what time you can watch, what channel it’s on, and a bit more information about the Lakers and the rest of the league’s big night.

NBA: Preseason-Minnesota Timberwolves at Los Angeles Lakers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The wait is over for 2018 NBA Draft, and what the Los Angeles Lakers and the rest of the league are going to do with their picks is finally set to be revealed.

But as bad as the Lakers have been the last few years, the draft is still foreign territory for some Lakers fans given how successful the team was for most of it’s history, so we decided to put together this little FAQ to help purple and gold devotees (and other basketball fans) prepare for draft night.

What time is the draft?

It’s at 4:00 pacific time, 7:00 eastern.

What channel can I watch the draft on?

The draft is available on TV on ESPN.

Can I stream it online?



Yes! Or at least, yes if you have a cable subscription. and the WatchESPN app will both be streaming the draft, but anyone interested in streaming that coverage will have to log in and prove they have a TV subscription that includes ESPN.

What is my online cable provider login info again? I’m always forgetting that username and password.

I can’t help you with that, sorry. Go check the notes by your computer.

Where is the draft taking place?

The draft is happening in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclays Center, home of D’Angelo Russell and the Brooklyn Nets.

How many rounds are in the draft?

Two. The first round is picks 1-30, and the second one is picks No. 31 through pick No. 60. After that, any players not selected are undrafted free agents.

Okay, so now to the important part: Which picks do the Lakers have?

This year, the Lakers have the 25th pick (due to their trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers), the 39th pick (via a last-minute trade with the Philadelphia 76ers) and the 47th selection (which is the Denver Nuggets’ second-rounder).

Who are they going to take?

If I knew that I wouldn’t be writing this post, I’d be on ESPN talking about it. That said, the Lakers have been connected to a lot of players though various draft rumors.

The team has reportedly promised Mitchell Robinson (a report that was later shot down) and Kevin Huerter. They are also apparently interested in Anfernee Simons as well as in trading for a mid-first round pick.

If getting all of those players or picks seems unlikely to you, congrats on figuring out that the draft is a silly season filled with misinformation as teams or agents trying to obfuscate their intentions and trick other franchises with leaks.

All of that said, last season the Lakers worked out all of their picks publicly, so this list of all the players they’ve checked out might be of use in guessing their pick.

For more on Simons and Robinson, check out Laker Film Room’s scouting reports on the two, linked to their names in this sentence. Lakers assistant GM Jesse Buss also outlined what the Lakers are looking for in the draft.

What is the full draft order?

I have that below (with the Lakers’ picks in bold):

  1. Phoenix Suns
  2. Sacramento Kings
  3. Atlanta Hawks
  4. Memphis Grizzlies
  5. Dallas Mavericks
  6. Orlando Magic
  7. Chicago Bulls
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers (via Nets)
  9. New York Knicks
  10. Philadelphia 76ers (via Lakers)
  11. Charlotte Hornets
  12. Los Angeles Clippers (via Pistons)
  13. Los Angeles Clippers
  14. Denver Nuggets
  15. Washington Wizards
  16. Phoenix Suns
  17. Milwaukee Bucks
  18. San Antonio Spurs
  19. Atlanta Hawks (via Timberwolves)
  20. Minnesota Timberwolves (via Thunder)
  21. Utah Jazz
  22. Chicago Bulls (via Pelicans)
  23. Indiana Pacers
  24. Portland Trail Blazers
  25. Los Angeles Lakers (via Cavaliers)
  26. Philadelphia 76ers
  27. Boston Celtics
  28. Golden State Warriors
  29. Brooklyn Nets
  30. Atlanta Hawks (via Houston Rockets)
  31. Phoenix Suns
  32. Memphis Grizzlies
  33. Atlanta Hawks
  34. Dallas Mavericks
  35. Orlando Magic
  36. Sacramento Kings
  37. New York Knicks (via Bulls)
  38. Philadelphia 76ers (via Nets)
  39. Los Angeles Lakers via (Sixers/Knicks)
  40. Brooklyn Nets (via Lakers)
  41. Orlando Magic (via Hornets)
  42. Detroit Pistons
  43. Denver Nuggets (via Clippers)
  44. Washington Wizards
  45. Brooklyn Nets (via Bucks)
  46. Houston Rockets (via Heat)
  47. Los Angeles Lakers (via Nuggets)
  48. Minnesota Timberwolves
  49. San Antonio Spurs
  50. Indiana Pacers
  51. New Orleans Pelicans
  52. Utah Jazz
  53. Oklahoma City Thunder
  54. Dallas Mavericks (via Trail Blazers)
  55. Charlotte Hornets (via Cavaliers)
  56. Philadelphia 76ers (via Rockets)
  57. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Celtics)
  58. Denver Nuggets (via Warriors)
  59. Phoenix Suns (via Raptors)
  60. Philadelphia 76ers (via Rockets)

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