How to get LeBron, PG and Kawhi, while keeping Randle

This is a very hard thing to do and there are way too many assumptions, but is achievable

Assumption 1

We trade BI+Kuzma+25 pick 2017+2019 pick for Kawhi

Assumption 2

We trade Ball+Deng to Brooklyn for Center Jarret Allen (or Guard Dinwiddie, I pick a center cause he has more upside, longer rookie contract and its easier to find PG for veterans minimum in free agency)

Assumption 3

We sign Lebron James and Paul George for 35mil and 30mil as FA (these are slightly less then their max contracts under the projected 101mil cap for 18/19 - 35.350.000 for James and 30.300.000 for George)

Assumption 4

This one is the hardest - Julius Randle is signed for 4 years 44 mil (7.7mil in year 1, 9.9mil in yr2, 12.1mil in yr3 and 14.3mil in yr4)

I dont know if we can offer him a deal structured that way and I know that theoretically some team like the Mavs can easily give him 50+mil

So the team we will have

Bron 35 000 000
PG 30 000 000
KL 20 099 188
Randle 7 700 000
Allen 2 034 120
Hart 1 655 160
9 Roster Spots 4 500 000
Total 100 988 468

I know that every assumption is less then 50% possible, let alone all four together - Spurs might want to deal KL to East, Brooklyn wont need Ball drama and they already have DLo, we dont sign any max free agent or only one, Randle feels disrespected and bolts for a crazy 60+ mil contract somewhere else.

But if this happens, Lakers are super top heavy, but Allen, Hart and Randle can become better, and if we can get some veteran guards and bigs, we might have a fighting chance against GS.

What the playoffs showed this year - you need 5 man units, where every dude can create his own shot and not be a liability on defence - look how Rockets always switched harden on Curry, or how Boston torched Philly and Cavs smaller defenders. We can have a unit of King+PG+KL+Randle+Hart that matches well against the Hamptons five - KD+Green+Iggy+Klay+Curry.