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Podcast: Why this Lakers offseason might be boom or bust

The Lakers are once again hoping to lure LeBron James and other star free agents. Recent history tells us they’ll get their way or strike out completely.

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San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

If this most recent stretch of player movement across the NBA has taught us anything, it’s that superstars want to play together. So, if the definition of success for the Los Angeles Lakers this summer will be predicated on their ability to sign LeBron James, Paul George and other names of that stature, the gap between the best- and worst-case scenarios is quite large.

So, for today’s Locked on Lakers, I dive deep into this topic and the possibilities.

As anyone who listened to the player reviews probably knows, I’m a huge proponent for using context to its fullest extent. Process matters, not just in the sense of the confidence that comes with knowing that how the Lakers got where they are was as efficient as possible, but also because it helps predict where they might be heading. So, I start the show by trying to put everything that got us here into proper context.

Then, I get into the meat of the issue. We know what stars prefer in their potential destinations. We know what the Lakers currently have to offer. Do those things match up? If they don’t, what do the Lakers have to tweak so as to make them a legitimate option for James, George or whoever else? If they can’t do that, we might be looking at a roster very similar to what we saw last season.

Which brings me to my final point: Yes, there is a huge gap between best- and worst-case scenarios this summer. But that doesn’t mean striking out on the various stars who have reportedly shown interest in coming to Los Angeles would put the organization in a hole they cannot climb out of (unless they strike out in free agency and also lose Julius Randle. Then I lose my ___).

This summer is going to be insane, no matter how it plays out. As a fan base, we’ll probably be either ecstatic or depressed with very few places in-between. Still, almost no matter what, the Lakers are in a good spot moving forward.

As per usual, you can listen to the full discussion below and if you don’t want to miss future episodes, make sure to subscribe on iTunes.

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