BRANDON INGRAM year two stats 16 pts 6 rebounds 4 assist on 43% shooting on a bad team and a cheap contract for the next two years.
KAWHI Leonard year two 11pts 5 rebound 1.5 assist well lets speed up two years later on Kawhi and 23 and during contract year is when he has BI year two stats that's good news for BI at age 20. BI leaped 7 points from year 1 to year 2.

So just looking at the sample size alone you can clearly say BI is more than enough for a trade for Kawhi but why trade away a youthful BI for 6 mil 16 pts per game for a person that only averages 16 points over there career. Pick another player that don't involve lottery picks.

If you think im wrong please defend your argument.

Before you start you say okay what if you get Lebron and PG what position does he play? Easy Answer 6th man 16 5 5 if he doesn't get any better thats not bad. You could easily slide him down to the shooting guard and have an extremely length line up on

ZO 6'6

BI 6'9

PG 6'8

LBJ 6'9

C of choice

not a bad line up

The same arguemnt can be said for Kahwi what position will he play.

Still in the end id rather pay 5 mil to my 3 options over 25 for my third option. Look how the Carmelo 33 mil look right now.