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Podcast: Is Luke Walton ready to coach LeBron James, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard?

Expectations are a game-changer when LeBron James is involved, and when he has teammates like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, that can get really crazy.

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1 Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Mailbag time, and the Locked on Lakers listeners are bringing the heat. Between rumors about speculation on where LeBron James and Paul George will end up and the wild Kawhi Leonard situation, last week was pretty crazy for Lakers fans. There was definitely plenty to talk about.

We start with LeBron James. Yes, he is one of the most talented players the league has ever seen, but he does have a bit of a track record at this point of dominating the organization he plays for. Do the pros outweigh the cons there?

One place where LeBron’s shadow really looms large is in regards to coaching. Tyronn Lue doesn’t have nearly the reputation he should considering his resumé at this point and that has everything to do with how the narrative has been built by James’ presence. This is obviously an oversimplification, but when the Cavs win, it’s LeBron, when they lose it’s everyone else, starting with Lue. Is Luke Walton ready for that dynamic?

For the most part, Walton has performed about as well as one could hope for, given the circumstances under which he’s been asked to coach. Still, he’s operated with very low expectations during that time. Is he (and, just as importantly, are the Lakers) ready for title aspirations if and when James, George and/or Leonard come?

Speaking of those three, I briefly touch on how I feel about this offseason. It really feels as if we’re looking at a boon or bust scenario, given what NBA players look for in destinations. They want to play together. So, it’s hard not to think if the Lakers miss out on one of these guys, there’s a good chance they miss out on everyone.

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