4 Way Trade, Lakers get Kawhi

Any trade for Kawhi Leonard is going to be complicated for numerous reasons including Leonard's health concerns. In this trade scenario I'm going to ignore a lot of concerns and make it happen Mit.. Maginka !

Assuming San Antonio doesn't want to take back Deng's contract to make the salaries work, shocking, the Lakers need another team to absorb it. Enter the Atlanta Hawks !

The Atlanta Hawks are rumored to want to move up in the draft for possible better prospects to draft. The Hawks have cap space and the numerous picks in the upcoming draft including #19, #30 and #33. How do the Lakers help them move up ? Enter the Denver Nuggets who are rumored to want to move Faried's contract and supposedly willing to trade their #14 pick with him for a worse first round draft pick this year to make it happen.

Here is the trade:

LAL gets: Kawhi Leonard, #19 pick via ATL

SAS gets: Ingram, Kuzma, Faried, Lakers 2019 1st round pick, Future 2nd round pick via Lakers

ATL gets: Luol Deng, #14 pick via Denver, #25 pick via Lakers, Lakers 2021 1st round pick

Denver gets: cap relief, #30 pick via ATL

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