Are the Lakers Getting Lebron?

You feelin’ lucky, punk?

That’s an important question as the Lakers look at their future. It’s easy to be tempted to bet high on Lebron and get starry-eyed about the future. Unfortunately you’d be better served finding a good bank to put your money in.

I know the Lakers fans are really hoping for Lebron and Paul George – and in a crazy world, even Kawhi Leonard. I’m sorry to say the Lebron part won’t happen – and here’s why.

Lebron Doesn’t Want to Mentor Anyone

Have you noticed that two of your stars had to be reprimanded for putting out diss tracks against each other?

Your team is full of children. Lebron said after the finals that he wanted to be on a team with men who understood the game and were already stars.

He doesn’t want to babysit immature boys, so he won’t end up in LA.

There’s a Big 3 Opportunity in Houston

Don’t think that the team that almost beat the Warriors in 2018 escaped Lebron’s attention. Chris Paul and James Hardin would be ideal partners for Lebron.

James is tired of dealing with no-show "talent" that can’t win a game even when he scores 51 points. He’s ready for some real support from people who can understand and play the game at a high level.

If Lebron goes to Houston, there’s no way that team isn’t the favorite for the title.

Drama Papa

There’s another big reason Lebron won’t end up in LA. His name is Lavar Ball. Maybe you’ve heard of him.

Lavar and the drama around him won’t seem to die. Every time the guy open his mouth, it’s all over the news. As long as that clown is getting a platform – and after his second son isn’t picked in the draft, he’s sure to show up again – Lebron will stay far away.

You can get rid of Lonzo, which might help. But as long as you have a Ball on the team, you won’t have Lebron.

Lebron Wants to Win Now

If the Lakers keep their young talent, they won’t be in a position to win the title next year. Lebron needs to be surrounded by talented shooters in order to thrive, and the Lakers are in the bottom half of the league in 3-point attempts and dead last in 3-point percentage.

The Lakers are not in win-now mode, unless they bring in other major players and clean out their young talent. Even then, they can only afford two all-stars, not three.

The young talent that would be left would not be enough to give the support needed to win a championship.

You’ll get all-stars this off-season, LA. And those all-stars are likely to be George and Kawhi, not Lebron.