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How does the Bryan Colangelo situation affect the Lakers?

The latest on the Bryan Colangelo situation, plus more on Paul George, LeBron James and/or Kevin Durant to the Lakers in free agency

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Press Conference James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

God bless the NBA. Just when you think to yourself, yeah, that’s the last new storyline we might experience. BANG! There’s Bryan Colangelo and his multiple burner accounts offering up sensitive information and shutting down anyone who dares question the Philadelphia 76ers’ team president’s fashion sense.

Adam Mares hopped on the show with me to laugh at the entire situation. We start by focusing on this specific situation, but eventually broaden the scope to figure out other aspects of hilarity here.

Who involved with the NBA in any way is most likely to have a burner account and use it as recklessly as either Colangelo or his wife allegedly has? The possibilities are endless, really.

Adam and I both agree that any NBA with an official Twitter account probably has a couple private ones just to monitor stuff without the eyes of their platform always watching, and I even let it be known whether or not I have a burner account.

From there, we shift our attention to LeBron James’ latest quotes on his pending free agency. Adam and I disagree about how much they move the needle on their own. We do both think that he departs Cleveland this summer. Where he winds up is a different question, though.

We then circle back to burner accounts to talk about Kevin Durant. He had another weird episode in this trend of trying to convince everyone how happy he is, so I lobbed my theory to Adam to see what he thinks.

Listen to the full conversation below:

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