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Lakers Video: How Kyle Kuzma can take his post moves from good to great

Kyle Kuzma working on more post moves could be a big deal for the Lakers.

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What’s up, Laker fans? I’m excited to be producing two, two-minute videos per week for Silver Screen & Roll going forward, and that opportunity will allow me to hit a variety of different Lakers-related topics throughout the year. These shorter videos give me a chance to zoom in on particular aspects of a player or the team as a whole, with the goal of helping you recognize more and more of these details when you watch the Lakers in real time.

In that spirit, let’s take a closer look at Kyle Kuzma’s post moves.

Kuzma had a tremendous rookie season as an individual shot creator, finishing amongst the best players in the NBA in isolation (1.12 PPP, 92nd percentile) and post up situations (1.01 PPP, 85th percentile). Despite his successes, he’s been working with assistant coach Miles Simon at the UCLA Health Training Center to elevate his post up game to even greater heights.

The 2018 NBA playoffs have shown the importance of being able to exploit mismatches, as defenses switch more and more as a means of disrupting motion offenses that rely on off-ball screens or teams that rely on their point guards to create quality shot opportunities via the pick & roll.

Kyle Kuzma has all of the tools necessary to make teams pay for putting an undersized guard on him, and the work that he puts in this summer will go a long way toward fulfilling that potential.

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