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Lakers News: Julius Randle and Paul George seen watching pre-draft workout together

There are a few other reasons other than planning to join the Lakers that Julius Randle and Paul George could've been watching the CAA pro day together, but it's more fun to speculate about free agency.

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Photo via Jonathan Givony's Twitter account

Most of the free agent rumors swirling around the Los Angeles Lakers all season concerned three names: LeBron James, Paul George and Julius Randle.

James is still playing, dragging the Cleveland Cavaliers kicking and screaming to the NBA Finals, but George and Randle have been done for some time now, with the former losing in the first round with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the latter not even making the postseason with the Lakers.

Randle will be a resricted free agent this summer and isn’t quite guaranteed to return to Los Angeles, but it seems more likely than not that he’ll be back given that the Lakers can match any offer for him. George won’t be short on suitors trying to sign him either, but the Lakers are considered the prohibitive favorites to bring him aboard.

All of that information made it a little more eyebrow-raising when Randle and George were seen taking in a pre-draft workout together on Wednesday:

Now before we start declaring that this means Randle and George teaming up on the Lakers this year is a done deal, there is a bit of context here.

For one, George and Randle share an agent (Aaron Mintz), and could have been at the workout supporting their fellow Mintz client, Duke’s Grayson Allen.

NBA players also aren’t as fixated on free agent rumors as the rest of us, and Randle and George very well could’ve been talking about anything, not just where they want to play this summer.

Still, it’s May and the Lakers aren’t playing, so why not have fun with a little bit of speculation. There is nothing else going on, and at the very least this picture is decent fuel for some photoshopping both of them into Lakers gear together when and if they both do join/re-join the team.

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