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Kobe Bryant says debating whether he, Michael Jordan or LeBron James is better is a waste of time, roasts reporter alive on Twitter

Retired Lakers guard Kobe Bryant isn’t a fan of arguments about the greatness he, LeBron James and Michael Jordan have displayed throughout their careers, as one reporter found out the hard way on Twitter.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Every time LeBron James racks up another career achievement, the discussion throughout media always (predictably and exhaustingly) turns to where he ranks among the all-time greats. Sunday night was no different, with the internet and broadcasters immediately flipping to debate whether or not James’ eighth-straight NBA Finals appearances is finally proof he’s better than greats like Michael Jordan and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

For Bryant, it appears that discussion has grown exhausting, and he tweeted out a plea to end it following the game:

Bryant is right. While James has a convincing case to be the GOAT, why does every single occasion he does anything have to become an opportunity to re-litigate whether he’s the greatest to ever do it? Why does it matter if someone feels it’s Jordan, or someone else feels it’s Bryant?

It’s all ultimately frivolous anyway. There is no way to ever truly know for sure who is the best basketball player ever, because a team game creates contextual factors that alter the way players can perform or are perceived, and it’s impossible to account for things like that or changes in the way the game is played when debating who is the GOAT.

Plus, everyone defines “best ever” in different ways, so it’s all also a semantics argument, and all of those factors make it basically impossible to conclusively choose someone as the greatest of all time.

With all that said, Bryant’s point that we should probably just appreciate everyone’s greatness rather than wasting time arguing about it on the internet wasn’t well-taken by everyone, including Michael Grange of Rogers Sportsnet, who used Bryant’s tweet as a way to rib Kobe:

However, just because Bryant didn’t want to watch people argue on Twitter all night didn’t mean he wasn’t happy to end this particular argument with authority:

Bryant essentially calling Grange simple minded while simultaneously basically asking him to hold his Emmy and Oscar is pretty much a death blow you can’t come back from in a Twitter fight, and the latest reminder that wherever one thinks Bryant ranks among James and Jordan and the rest of basketball’s all-time greats, he’s definitely the future hall of famer who has mastered social media the best.

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