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Lakers Video: Brandon Ingram continues impressive offseason workouts

Lakers forward Brandon Ingram appears to be in the middle of a huge offseason.

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Image via @_livexlead on Instagram

Brandon Ingram has only played two seasons for the Los Angeles Lakers so far, making it far easier to call his second NBA campaign the best one of his career.

Ingram fixed many of the flaws on that were on full display during his rookie season in his sophomore one, increasing his scoring average, efficiency, playmaking skill and defensive abilities over the span of his first offseason as an NBA player.

Having done all of that, Ingram still isn’t resting on his laurels (yannys?) during his second summer as a pro. The still 20 year old forward has been off the grid for most of the summer publicly, but we’ve already seen details of his workouts with trainer Micah Lancaster become public, and it appears Lancaster isn’t the only person Ingram is training with.

According to enterprising Twitter user Mykel Hart, Ingram is looking around at various different trainers, and is currently working at the Atlanta based “The Skill Factory” (h/t Pete Zayas of Laker Film Room and Mykel Hart):

One common theme in all of these workouts seems to be Ingram working on his ballhandling, whether it’s weaving through complicated obstacle courses like he did with Lancaster or dribbling through defenders like in this video.

Focusing on ballhandling makes sense for a lot of reasons for Ingram’s development, and might be an indicator that he wants to continue working in the type of point forward role the Lakers have used him in intermittently over his first two seasons.

And as written before, even if the Lakers take Ingram off the ball a bit more in the eventuality they sign LeBron James, Paul George or both, ballhandling skills could still be a necessary component for Ingram to be able to attack closeouts.

No matter which trainer Ingram ultimately sticks with, it’s clear he has the most important component for a pro basketball player: A constant drive to get better, a quality that will serve him well regardless of who is the person working with him.

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