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Lakers News: Brandon Ingram is working out at Duke and already looking stronger

Beefing up was the next step for Brandon Ingram, and it looks like the Lakers forward is heading back to Duke to do it.

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Photo via Duke Men’s Basketball on Twitter

Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram made strides befitting a player with as long of legs as he has during his second NBA season, improving his game across the board and going from “overwhelmed rookie straight out of Duke” to “integral franchise cornerstone” in the span of a calendar year.

Most encouragingly for Lakers fans, Ingram isn’t done yet. The first sign the lanky wing might be in for a big summer came when it was revealed he was working with the same trainer who helped Victor Oladipo become an All-Star last year.

Now, Duke put out photos of Ingram putting in work in their gym, and he already appears to have added a bit of meat to his frame:

Ingram is never going to be as burly as a player like Julius Randle, but if he’s actually bulking up this summer so that he can use a combination of strength and length to finish over and around defenders, then he would appear poised to make another leap next season.

However, it’s also important to remember that we are soon going to be fully in the midst of #MuscleWatch season, and every NBA player is going to be sending out impressive videos and photos of themselves working out to fuel excitement over the next steps in their game. Ingram still has to show that his aesthetic progress can lead to increasing on-court success, which he and the the Lakers are surely hoping for but isn’t a given.

Ingram likely won’t be able to take as big of a leap forward this season that he did last year, but if he just continues to improve the margins of his game with workouts like this, then the Lakers will be in good hands as his career continues.

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