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Podcast: While some frustrations remain, there’s plenty to feel good about with the Lakers

The Lakers find themselves a single game back of Golden State behind stellar defensive play and LeBron James. Things could be much, much worse.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Los Angeles Lakers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Double podcast duty Tuesday here at Silver Screen & Roll. First, Harrison and I recorded 40 minutes of us being idiots on “The Lake Show,” then, as a dare, I remained positive for the entirety of a “Locked on Lakers” podcast. I nearly died.

The Lake Show

Harrison and I start by discussing his girlfriend doing dishes in the middle of us trying to record a podcast and then loudly making herself a sandwich. While she does help with transcribing, she went with creamy peanut butter for her PB&J. I’m reeling.

When we actually started talking about basketball, we started by debating how Luke Walton is handling a thoroughly disappointing starting lineup. I’m of the opinion at this point that we’ve seen enough to know this starting lineup isn’t going to work and at the very least, Walton should probably have a conversation with them to figure out a way to get it going or prepare them for some kind of change and that waiting for the results to change isn’t leadership. Harrison disagrees, because he hates change (Editor’s Note: This is actually true, but that’s not why I don’t think the starters will change. As usual, Anthony has minimized my argument to make himself look smarter).

We jump from there to a lineup change that shows quite a bit of promise: Walton seems to have given Michael Beasley the minutes that were previously going to Lance Stephenson. We’re both all for this.

We figure out a way to segue from there to Brandon Ingram’s comments on his confidence. They’re pretty telling, and might actually lay the foundation to turning his season around offensively.

We finish our conversation by discussing the defense and (to quote Harrison) how it’s “proving the doubter and haters wrong.” Shouts to Tyson Chandler, whose arrival marked a real turning point on the season. Listen to the full conversation below and make sure to subscribe on iTunes for more lineup and peanut butter takes.

Locked on Lakers

You may not have thought this was possible. Hell, I didn’t think it was possible. But I did it. I remained positive for the entirety of an episode of Locked on Lakers. Topics covered: LeBron James, where the Lakers currently sit in the conference, the defense, Magic Johnson, Ingram, Lonzo Ball and plenty more.

Listen to the full discussion below and/or subscribe on iTunes.

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