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Podcast: Brian Windhorst on LeBron James, Lonzo Ball and Anthony Davis

Brian Windhorst of ESPN hops on The 30 to discuss LeBron James and his first season with the Lakers, as well as who might be joining him in L.A.

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Speculation about the Los Angeles Lakers and their personnel is reaching something of a fever pitch as Anthony Davis readies to visit Staples Center. On today’s podcasts, the topic of conversation is just how happy LeBron James might be with this current roster, and how he might envision improving it.

The 30

In this episode of The 30 podcast, Jas is joined by ESPN Senior Writer Brian Windhorst.

They kick things off by discussing how the Lakers have looked thus far, and dive into which players on the team seem to be a fit with LeBron, and how the roster might look after this season.

Brian and Jas followed that up by touching on how Lonzo Ball is looking a season-and-a-half into his career, and whether or not he will ever live up to his draft position.

And with all the talk in the basketball world about the New Orleans Pelicans situation with Anthony Davis, Jas asks Brian how things might shake out with the superstar just over a season away from free agency.

Brian shares his opinion on what the best-case/worst-case scenarios how the Lakers could look after the 2019 free agency class settles, and who he thinks the team could land out of Durant, Kawhi, Butler and Klay.

Following that, Jas asks Brian about his time covering LeBron, and Brian gives some insight into how LeBron has been over his career and talks about his accomplishments in the NBA.

The episode wraps up with Jas talking to Brian about which players he has enjoyed interviewing during his time covering the league, and what he loves about his job.

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Locked on Lakers

Today on Locked on Lakers, we learn how to speak LeBron James. When he says certain things, what might it mean? In order to do so, we talk to Ohio’s 15th-favorite “reporter” Ryan Mourton of Fear The Sword. We touch on a few of the same notes Jas and Brian hit on, plus a few extra questions: What’s it been like to watch LeBron as a Laker? What similarities does Mourton see between this and James’ first season back in Cleveland?

James has been talking quite a bit about guys not currently on the roster, so I asked what he might hope to accomplish by doing so, and how much of the differing circumstances alters translations from his time in Cleveland to his current situation. I also asked what James might see in Carmelo Anthony at this stage of his career, and Mourton offered up some context with an example from as recent as last season.

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