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Podcast: What should the Lakers be willing to trade for Anthony Davis?

LeBron James teams aren’t allowed to go through miniature losing streaks without having everyone wonder who might be on their way out. That’s no different with these Lakers, especially when LeBron openly pines for Anthony Davis and Carmelo Anthony after a defeat.

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NBA All-Star Game 2018 Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off a disappointing road trip, but help is on the way. On today’s podcasts, the focus is on how to rebound from losing three of the last four and looking ahead to more speculation about the team’s personnel now that LeBron James is talking about how “amazing” it would be to play with Anthony Davis on the record.

Show Tiempo

Jordan and Alex start off the podcast this week by talking about the Lakers’ 1-3 road trip and their loss to the Nets on Tuesday night. They react to D’Angelo Russell and Jared Dudley, of all people, putting the dagger in the Lakers.

They then talk about the Lakers’ need for defensive help in the paint. It was highlighted when JaVale McGee missed Tuesday’s game with the flu and Tyson Chandler only played 17 minutes. They agree that help is needed, because Ivica Zubac is clearly not ready for heavy minutes.

Then they get into their top story. Will the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis? LeBron is openly pining for L.A. to land the All Star, but will Davis be willing to turn down his max contract of $239 million in the offseason? If he is, is there a player that Jordan and Alex wouldn’t trade for Davis?

Alex serves up his only “shot” to Jordan: What is the Lakers’ biggest need? That leads to a debate about the Lakers staying the course with their young core, or going after a superstar this season.

Finally the guys reveal their Christmas wishlist for the Lakers since it’s their last show of 2019. Listen to the full conversation below and make sure to subscribe to the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts so you don’t miss any of the channel’s very-nearly-daily shows.

Locked on Lakers

After a tough but not all that surprising loss, I was joined by Pete to discuss why we weren’t all that up-in-arms about losing in Brooklyn. He also made me defend against In N Out slander again but that’s besides the point.

We cover a rather unique game from Lonzo Ball, how the Lakers’ lack of offensive structure really shows up when guys miss time, my concerns on the defensive becoming predictable and sigh Carmelo Anthony. We did try to end on a high note, but all that resulted from that was Pete wanting to murder me through my computer.

Listen to the full episode here and make sure to subscribe on iTunes so you don’t miss the next time Pete wants to do so.

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