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Podcast: Kevin Arnovitz talks Lakers; Lonzo Ball closes win vs. Indiana

Luke Walton finally had Lonzo Ball in the game and the Lakers won. Is this the good place?

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Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Coming off a fairly nice Los Angeles Lakers win, both podcasts focus on the bigger picture. While it’s great to celebrate wins as they happen, the Lakers have higher hopes than regular season wins in November.

“The 30”

In this episode of The 30 podcast, Jas talks with and ESPN The Magazine Writer, Kevin Arnovitz.

The guys kick things off by talking about how LeBron James and the Lakers have looked at the quarter mark of the season, and how Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram have fit next to him.

Kevin and Jas then discuss how the Lakers roster is setup, how Luke Walton has used his rotations so far and how the team has looked defensively.

With Kevin’s background in analytics, the guys then discuss how advanced stats have taken over the NBA, also looking at the rise of the 3-point shot in today’s game and how it compares to the late 90’s.

The guys then discuss how the NBA might look in the future, and Kevin gives his advice on how young journalists can break into the industry. One of the tips Kevin has will definitely surprise you.

Listen to the full conversation below, or subscribe to our podcast network and leave a review:

“Locked on Lakers”

It turns out recording shows after wins offers a very different mood from Pete. The guys start by discussing how good the starters (and, by extension, the team) looked. They dominated the game from the get-go, something fans simply haven’t seen from that group to this point.

So, the question begs asking: Can fans hope to see something like that moving forward?

Lonzo Ball finished a game. Finally. How did that look, and did he show enough to make sure that happens a little more often?

Next, the guys discuss the different approach the Lakers took to utilizing Brandon Ingram, and whether he can take advantage of these new sets. Pete’s answer might surprise you.

There was plenty more discussed in the show (including some Rajon Rondo props and some late-night humor), so you won’t want to miss that.

As always, this is a fraction of the entire conversation. Listen below for full context and make sure to subscribe here.

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