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JaVale McGee did his postgame address to the media in a Grinch costume

Just when you think the Lakers meme team can’t meme any harder, JaVale McGee addresses reporters in a Grinch costume on Halloween. I am somehow not kidding.

Image via @Lakers on Twitter

When JaVale McGee was just about set to speak with reporters following the Los Angeles Lakers barely holding on to beat the Dallas Mavericks 114-113 on Wednesday night, LeBron James cut him off before he could start.

“You’re supposed to talk through the mask!” James yelled from across the room. “That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

The mask James was referring too was not that of a superhero, although McGee was the hero the Lakers needed and deserved in dropping a monster 16-point, 15-rebound and 5-block night on the Mavericks.

James was talking about the Grinch mask that went with McGee’s Halloween costume that he wore before and after the team’s win over Dallas, and McGee contradicted the character he was playing by happily agreeing to do his postgame interview in a custom-made, 7-foot grinch outfit he debuted on Wednesday.

“They had to custom make it. Feel me, this is custom right here,” McGee said, rubbing his arms for emphasis. “That’s straight Grinch material.”

Hopefully no actual Grinches were harmed in the making of McGee’s costume, which was actually to advertise the new “The Grinch” film coming out Nov. 9.

“Shout out to ‘The Grinch,’ shout out to Universal, shout out to my agent,” McGee said from underneath the green suit that he felt was among the best Halloween costumes of anyone around the NBA.

“Josh (Hart) had (Dwight Schrute from) ‘The Office.’ That was a pretty good one. I saw Klay Thompson had a Jackie Moon outfit. The whole outfit! That was pretty dope,” McGee said. “But I feel like I’m pretty good with the costume.”

As good as he felt the costume was though, McGee initially didn’t think he’d find much use for it now that Halloween is behind us.

“I think this one is going to stay in the closet. I don’t really have nothing else to wear it with,” McGee said, until it was suggested to him by a reporter that he could pull it back out around Christmas.

“I could, that’s a good point,” McGee said. “I might put a Christmas hat on it.”

As long as McGee keeps producing like he’s been this season, he could probably wear the costume on the court for all the Lakers care. It would just be the latest unexpected move from one of the most fun surprises for the Lakers both on and off the court.

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