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Brian Shaw says LeBron James has “contagious” work ethic, lifts up teammates and is “a coach’s dream.”

Having a superstar in a young locker room can turn sour quickly, but Brian Shaw says LeBron James has been great for the Lakers so far.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James has only been with the Los Angeles Lakers for a few months, but he’s already made quite the impression on his new coaching staff, including, but not limited to, associate head coach Brian Shaw.

Shaw sat down with digital reporter Joey Ramirez and shared his thoughts on what it has been like coaching James, who he said has already changed the Lakers’ locker room for the better.

“It’s a coach’s dream to have a player like him who’s the best player in the league, the best player on our team, and also a guy that works the hardest. He sets the tone with his work ethic, it rubs off on everybody else, and so it makes it easier for us as a coaching staff to say ‘hey, if the best player in the world can do this and go at the intensity level that he’s doing it, there’s no excuse for anybody else not to.’”

Shaw ended his 14-year NBA career a few months before James entered the league, so he never had the opportunity to play with the four-time league MVP, but he knows what it’s like to be on a team with a generational talent or two, and he said it can be an uplifting experience.

“As a guy who played with Shaq and played with Kobe, when I stepped on the floor with them in games, it made me feel like I was better than what I was. That’s the same kind of presence that (LeBron) has with our team, they step on the floor, they know they’re going out there with the best player in the game, and so it brings up everybody’s level of play.”

Everyone knows the type of effect James can have on his teammates on the court, but his influence in the locker room is open to interpretation.

To hear Shaw say that the Lakers’ lone superstar has been nothing but positive for this young team is good to hear. The hope now is that James’ leadership can translates to success on the court.

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